Question:  Okay, so what is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind. It is when the conscious part of our mind is relaxing and the subconscious mind is open to suggestions. While that questioning part of our mind is busy relaxing, the inner part of our mind steps forward. While in this relaxed state, people can make wonderful habit and behavior changes with the right suggestions.

Question:  Will I be asleep?

Hypnosis is not sleep, it is simply a relaxed state. At first glance, people look like they are sleeping because normally you see people with their eyes closed while in trance. The reason we ask people to close their eyes is to cut off visual stimulation, so the conscious mind can relax even more.  Also, the hypnotic trance is so relaxing that most of the time people do not move because of the comfort level they are experiencing. People who are in a hypnotic trance are completely awake and alert at all times.

Question:  Do your files actually put me in hypnosis?

Yes.  The mp3's I have posted onto the forum are designed to induce hypnosis.  The more you listen to them, the more effective they will become.  With all hypnosis, you have to want the change.  An individual that is wanting the change specified within the mp3 will begin to notice changes after about three or times of listening to the file.  These changes will begin small will relaxing deeper during the mp3 and will progress from there.

Question:  Is there any certain file you recommend I begin with?

Yes.  I would recommend that you begin with my Induction mp3 before listening to any of the other files.  The induction is designed to get you used to relaxing your mind and body.  It will also get you used to my voice and technique.

Question:  What is the best way to listen to the files?

To achieve the best results, you should listen to the mp3 using a good set of headphones.  Get into a comfortable position away from distractions.  If you will be listening off of the computer, then you should exit all chat programs to avoid distractions.  Then just get relax, close your eyes, and focus on the file... that simple!

Question:  I know someone who tried hypnosis and it didn't work for them, why is that?

There could be two different reasons for this. One is that the hypnotist did not explain hypnosis properly. When people do not understand something, it is natural to have a fear. It is the hypnotist's job to cancel all those fears by making the client feel completely at ease and answer every question about hypnosis. Some novice hypnotists still don't understand the fact that if there is a fear, then the hypnosis will be ineffective. A second reason it may not work is if the person is not serious about the change. Some people have tried everything under the sun to change a habit, and of course they all failed. Then they decide to try hypnosis and expect it to fail too. People who try without true intention, along with the expectation of failure, will make their hypnosis session ineffective.

Question:  What does a hypnotic trance feel like?

Because a trance is natural, sometimes it won't seem any different from whatever relaxation you're used to - especially in a light trance. In a deeper trance, some people experience a feeling of heaviness, some a feeling of floating or maybe just a their arms or legs floating. The experience of hypnosis is different for everyone. Some people may even feel tingling in their fingers or toes. Some people simply don't feel any difference at all from their conscious state, and that is fine too. Just know that whatever you experience is going to seem familiar to you because you experience hypnotic trances in every day of your life. Also, your awareness is greatly increased. You will still be able to hear everything around you. You will still be able to feel the temperature of the room, and your clothes on your body. And yes you can open your eyes in a trance - in fact a skilled hypnotist will have you open your eyes during hypnosis. So as you can see here, a hypnotic trance is nothing out of the ordinary, the only surprise you will find is how easy and natural it is.

Question:  How many sessions will it take?

This varies with each individual, it is mostly determined by your motivation for the change. If you think that hypnosis is some kind of miracle answer, then you are wrong - you still have work to change your behavior, but I will show you how to do that. For some it takes one session to make the changes they want to make. For some it takes three.

Question:  Is there a chance that I won't "wake-up" from a hypnotic trance?

Absolutely not. There is nowhere in the history of human-kind that someone has gotten stuck in a trance state. It is not possible, because you are in complete control over your entire being - in or out of trance.

Question:  I don't think I can be hypnotized, so now what?

Everyone experiences hypnosis in everyday of their life. If you've gone to sleep and woken up, you had to go through a hypnotic trance. So the question is not whether you think you can be hypnotized, because you do that all the time. The real question is, do you want to be hypnotized? Simply said, you do not enter into a hypnotic trance unless you want to. You cannot be put into trance against your will. If you want to, then all you have to do is follow some simple instructions from your hypnotist, who is trained to guide you into a hypnotic trance.

Question:  Is the hypnotherapy field regulated by the government?

Not at the current time, because it is a gray area. Hypnotists are in the business of giving suggestions to your subconscious - not advice to your conscious. Advice is given by physicians and counselors - who are regulated by the government. Hypnotism is an extremely effective, but alternative form of therapy to change unwanted habits or behaviors. Since it is completely natural and it is based on suggestions, the government cannot regulate it - at this time. The only drawback is that hypnotherapy is not accepted by health insurance companies. That will change in the future. Remember when chiropractic care was not an acceptable form of therapy? Now, just about every insurance company covers chiropractic care. I would say the same will eventually happen for hypnotherapy too.

If you have any questions that were not answered here, please feel free to email Kyle.