Benefits of Hypnosis in Self Improvement

Statistically the sports person who believes they will fail always will, unfortunately the opposite is not always true. Success programming is a simple but profound technique.  Most athletes will admit that being successful is only fifty percent physical and the other fifty percent is mental.  Athletes that train both physically and mentally receive many benefits that will be discussed momentarily

 Hypnosis is based in the Subconscious mind.  There is little need for conscious acceptance, other than the desire to be helped.

The traits you need mentally, emotionally and physically for success you already
possess within. With the assistance of hypnosis you can gain access to these abilities and experience the reality of your potential. You are capable of being the athlete you wish to be. One of hypnosis' main benefits over some other forms of Psychology is it's ability in accessing unconscious behaviors rapidly.


It's often easy for an athlete to be aware of their 'problem' but solving it is another matter when they retain unconscious motivations to keep it alive.

How Hypnosis can Help an Athlete

  • Program Endurance - The 'will' always breaks before the  muscle unless you are specifically trained for endurance.

  • Increase Motivation - Improving the desire and dedication to workout and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

  • Improve Focus - Eliminating mental and emotional distractions during training and performance.

  • Developing the self-image of the athlete - Change the view of the 'under dog' or 'couch potato' to that of an athlete.

  • Remove Hesitation/Freezing in Competition.

  • Learn to enjoy the 'pain' of training.

  • Increase Strength - Increase in bench press weight up to thirty percent with the use of hypnosis.

  • Good Nutrition - Stop viewing food as a source of pleasure and begin to view food as a source of fuel for the body.

  • Remove Mental Obstacles to Success - Removing the fear of success or the pressure it may bring.

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